Vector Healthcare’s Founder: Dr. Brian McAlary

Dr. McAlary is Board certified in Quality Assurance and is a nationally known speaker on quality of care and anesthesiology topics.

DrBrianIn over three decades of active clinical practice, Dr. McAlary has had the opportunity to care for adult and pediatric patients in both the military and civilian sectors.

His experience in working in both urban and rural facilities, as well as in community and tertiary care facilities has given him excellent insight into the challenges faced by healthcare providers.

While still in the US Navy, Dr. McAlary was exposed to the realities of forensic medicine, and the analysis of adverse patient care outcomes. His experience has resulted in a career long involvement in physician quality assurance and peer review.

As an outgrowth of his clinical and forensic experiences, Dr. McAlary has been asked to lecture and consult with hospitals and provider groups both nationally and occasionally internationally including with the government of Thailand.

The era of information technology’s being applied to the field of healthcare is recognized by Dr. McAlary as one of the latest tools that, if properly adopted and implemented by healthcare professionals, can not only improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, but reduce the incidence of preventable patient injury. It is this most recent challenge that has encouraged Dr. McAlary to become a principal in Vector Healthcare Solutions.