About Us

Vector Healthcare has successfully helped institutions and providers navigate the complex regulations surrounding the transition to electronic records. Today, Vector Healthcare continues to help healthcare professionals confront today’s challenges.

We’re a different kind of consulting company. We’re an agile, forward-thinking company that represents a large network of healthcare professionals, providing consulting advice to other healthcare professionals and institutions.

How We Can Help

  • Confidential Analysis of Patient Safety and Adverse Events
  • Flexible tasking from focal question to specific project to ongoing CQI monitoring
  • After hours accessibility including by videoconferencing or teleconferencing
  • Training of Medical Staff and Administrative Support Personnel
  • Competitive fees and negotiable fee structure
  • Participation in key Committee meetings
  • Assist with Policy and Procedure Review
  • Identification of unrecognized liability
  • Strategic and Tactical planning
  • Review/Editing: of EMR forms/formats

Vector Healthcare

Redefining excellence in healthcare consulting and collaboration.

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Healthcare Institutions

Vector has years of experience developing innovative solutions for and with healthcare’s finest institutions. We deliver outstanding results when and where they are needed the most.

Experience Counts

Vector is a diverse organization of physicians and medical professionals, with both the experience and the credentials to speak your language and exceed expectations.

We’ll Be There

Vector is headquartered near Washington, DC, with resources in major cities throughout North America. We will be there quickly to assist you.

Redefining Healthcare

However your need is defined, we can tailor a team that will help your organization revise its policies and procedures to meet current healthcare quality management best practices.

Helping you achieve excellence in healthcare.

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